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Sit Down MRI

"I'm one of those people with claustrophobia, having been detained in a few elevators in the past. Anyway, the technician was such a caring person. She answered all of my questions and put me at total ease."

Helen Watts
Kensington, MD

"I was skeptical at first at the new stand-up technology, but the ability to watch television during my knee scans certainly reduced my anxiety level. My doctor was also impressed at the quality of the images and the ability to scan me in the standing position. The technician was knowledgeable and put me completely at ease during my scan."

Bill Kisse
Rockville, MD

This is the only facility that accommodated me actually, because of my body weight and shape I couldn't fit on the MRI machines from other facilities. It's a good thing that my brother found this facility on the web. Washington Open MRI has a very friendly and caring staff, and their services are very good. I like the way they treated, I felt at home home during my exam."

Carl James
Hyattsville, MD

"It's a great MRI facility, I just had my exam there last week. The people are very nice and courteous, they always look out for me and made my exam very comfortable. The television in front of their MRI machine is really awesome, I couldn't believe it's possible, of course, compared to the old machine. I really liked what they did!"

Reggie Harrison

Clinton, MD

"I went here yesterday and the staff were very friendly, it was a very enjoyable visit at Washington Open MRI. I like how they treat their patients, it really made me feel safe and well taken care of."

Lyka Nelson
Prince Frederick, MD

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