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The staff at Washington Open MRI is experienced, thoroughly trained and board certified. Each of our dedicated health care professionals is committed to providing you with the highest quality of service. Naturally, the primary responsibility of our doctors, radiologists, and technologists is to perform the best possible MRI exam and report the results to your doctor promptly. We monitor all aspects of our operation to ensure that the highest standards of courtesy and professionalism are always met - with every patient every time.

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Open MRI Baltimore

I believe Washington Open MRI's radiologist saved my life.
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By "Meig"
"I believe Washington Open MRI's radiologist saved my life. Over the years I have become more claustrophobic and am now unable to handle a traditional MRI machine. I was told about Washington Open MRI in Owings Mills and I was very pleased with the experience. The MRI is indeed open and they do have a TV (although the machine is just as loud as a traditional MRI, so you have to watch the TV with the English subtitles on so you can read the dialog - you can't hear it). I was there for a scan of my lumbar spine, but the radiologist read my scan first thing the next morning (I was the last appt of the day) and called my referring orthopedist at 7 AM because he saw an ovarian tumor at the very far edge of the scan. Sure enough, I had ovarian cancer and because Washington Open MRI's radiologist took the time to read my complete scan, I had surgery and the tumor was caught at a very very early stage and my prognosis is excellent. Note that I had closed MRI scans of the same area within the previous year and this tumor was not noted - I believe that the open MRI machine reads a larger area. I believe this MRI saved my life. You can't say anything more positive than that, can you?‎

Wow - How nice to be treated like a human
Rated 4.0 out of 5.0 By "Jan"
"I would give five stars but haven't had my apt yet! The lady that spoke to me at the Prince Fredrick Office had a Lets Help You Get an Apt attitude! She went above an beyond. After a week of trying to get the other local MRI office to even try to help get the ball rolling this was a pleasant surprise and with all the stress and pain i am having this was truly a blessing! Actually can't wait for my apt!‎

What a wonderful experience!
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By "munch301"

"Five minutes into an "open" MRI for a spinal scan, I literally freaked out, and the scan had to be cancelled. The technician said that I should reschedule the procedure and have my doctor prescribe a sedative. When I got home, I called my daughter and told her what happened. She told me to check the internet for a really open MRI facility, and up popped Washington Open MRI, I called and set up an appointment. Still, I was a little sceptical, but all my fears vanished when I entered the office. The staff at the Hanover Pkwy location is delightful, and the procedure was a snap. Even got to listen to some great music on the radio.‎

Highly recommended
Rated 5.0 our of 5.0 By "Carl"

"I would recommend this facility for all people with claustrophobia, it's actually the perfect MRI facility for people with that kind condition. I know because I took my son there for his first exam, and boy was he so upset when he heard that he would be put in a room alone. Luckily, Washington Open MRI was recommended to us. The staff there are friendly and very knowledgeable about their patients' conditions. The assistant who took care of my son's exam made me sit beside him 'till the exam was over. Good thing their machine was open, it gave my son comfort and sense of safety seeing me beside him."

These are just some of the many good references we frequently receive from our patients. My thanks to the wonderful staff at Washington Open MRI who always ensure the quality of service that is second to none in the metro area. This is why we're the preferred facility for so many doctors and patients at the World's Most Advanced Open MRI at Washington Open MRI!
Phyllis Newfield, President/CEO

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